Connect church values

Wondering what we think is important at Connect?


    One of the greatest things about following Jesus is that it can be summed up in just four words: LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS. We want to highlight the simple and transformative power of a relationship with God. Life is complicated, but following Jesus doesn't have to be.

    "We build bridges, not barriers."


    We believe the story of Jesus is the greatest news on earth. So Sundays at Connect feel like a party, not a funeral! Every time someone takes a step closer to God, we celebrate - and we believe God does too! Christianity is driven by love and encouragement, not guilt and shame!

    "We celebrate every step."


    We have faith in God's ability and desire to bring transformation through his Spirit. No person is too far gone, and healing can be found in God regardless of your past or present circumstances. We serve a God who works miracles!

    "We believe big."


    Healthy things grow! That's true of souls, small groups and churches. So we use our resources in cooperation with other Christians and organizations to ensure the church of Jesus is fulfilling it's mission in Calgary and around the globe. We are a part of the biggest story in history!

    "We give ourselves away for the sake of God's kingdom."