Dan Sweaza

Dan was born into an unchurched home in southern California in 1980. He came to faith at age 16, and served in student ministry for 17 years as a student pastor in the U.S before moving to Canada in 2015. Dan loves reading, hiking, and nature photography.

Email: Dan@connectcalgary.ca

Amber Sweaza

Amber was born and raised in north Texas. She came to faith as a young child and has been actively involved ever since. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music/Bible, and is also a Registered Massage Therapist. She has a huge heart for making a difference around the world, and loves to travel and learn about new cultures.

Email: Amber@connectcalgary.ca

Dan and Amber have been married since July, 2004.

From Florida to Alberta

We moved to Calgary from central Florida during the summer of 2015.

The most common question we get  is, 'WHY?!' There are a few reasons:

                  1.) Calgary is beautiful.

                 2.) The people are awesome.

                 3.) There are no alligators.

More importantly, we felt an unmistakable call from God to plant our lives here. We first visited Calgary in March, 2014. During those few days in the city, we strongly sensed that God was up to something in this place. It felt like God's love was on the move in real ways, and we decided that we had to be a part of what He was doing. We went back to Florida and shared our hearts with our friends and family. They were sad to see us go, but they blessed us and sent us out on our new faith adventure. Since then, Calgary has become our home. It is the place we want to serve and be forever.

Our hope is to share the overflowing life of Jesus with our neighbors in Calgary, and to do so in a way that acknowledges and embraces the messiness of following Jesus in the modern world.