We know that many of you aren't ready for large crowds just yet, but you are definitely ready to experience church with other people. That's why we've created WATCH PARTIES! It's a chance to gather in small numbers in homes and develop deeper connections with each other - and God!

We ask you to register for your first WATCH PARTY using the links below. (This will help us ensure we don't have a packed house.) And if you have questions about how WATCH PARTIES work, check out the FAQ below. We will have more locations available soon!


Will watch parties replace our online service?

No! Online services will continue as normal, and you can watch them from home or at a watch party.

Will watch parties require social distancing?

Yes. Current regulations allow people to gather together indoors, but they must maintain 6 feet of distance. Masks are optional at all of our watch parties. Feel free to wear one if you prefer.

How do I know it will be safe?

We will be providing sanitizing supplies to each of our watch party hosts. They will thoroughly clean before and after each watch party. Because of the nature of watch parties, there will be smaller numbers of people present, keeping risk low (but still possible).

Will there be food or coffee served?

At this time, there will be no food or drinks served (but you are encouraged to bring your own with you!). If Alberta health Services relaxes these rules, we will update our policies.

Why should I come to a watch party if I can just watch the service at home?

If you're missing human connection and seeing your church family, a watch party can be a good alternative. If you would rather stay home for reasons of convenience or safety, we completely understand!

How long will watch parties last?

Our digital service lasts from 10am until 10:30am. You are welcome to come a few minutes early and stay a reasonable time after the service ends. Watch parties will happen every Sunday in July and August.