You've made a decision to start (or restart) a relationship with Jesus. We couldn't be happier for you! But this decision is just the beginning of a lifelong journey and we want to help you take your next steps. Here are a few things you can do over the coming days to deepen your relationship with God:

1. Be baptised: Baptism is an incredibly celebration of what God has done in your life. It's a moment in your spiritual journey that you never forget and never regret.  Click here to learn more about baptism.

2. Join a Connect Group: Becoming a fully-committed follower of Christ requires life giving relationships. Joining a Connect Group is the best place to find people who will help you to become everything God wants you to be. Click here to learn more about Groups.

3. Learn more about your faith: We've included on this page about a dozen videos to answer questions you might have, like "Do I really need to go to church every Sunday?" and "How do we know the Bible is true?"  Jump into any video you find interesting; we think you'll enjoy them so much you'll end up watching them all over time.

4. Attend NEXTSteps: The purpose of NEXTSteps is to help you discover yours! Give us 30 minutes after the service on Sunday and we will help you figure out how God has made you and how you can make a difference in the world!