Connect church values

Wondering what we think is important at Connect?

  • People

    We believe people are God's greatest treasure. Every person on the planet is created in God's image, therefore every person is loved and valued. Our primary goal is to communicate God's overflowing and overwhelming love to those around us. 

    "We exist for the people who are not here yet."


    We value community with those inside and outside the church. Jesus spent His time with the religious and non-religious alike, and so do we! We don't shy away from the world, we engage the world as Jesus did.

    "We share life."

  • faith

    We have faith in God's ability and desire to bring transformation through his Spirit. No person is too far gone, and healing can be found in God regardless of your past or present circumstances.

    "We believe big."

  • Generosity

    We believe an overflowing life creates lots of opportunities to be generous. God's gifts to us are not for our enjoyment only, but for the flourishing of our city and world. Especially when it comes to time and money, we want to be the most generous church in Calgary!

    "We give ourselves away for the sake of our neighbours."

  • meaningful communication

    Our goal is to communicate God's overflowing love effectively.

    Whatever its form, we want our communication


    The best news in history deserves to be told well!

    "We speak the gospel in ways that speak to our neighbours."

  • love

    Jesus said our love for one another would be our defining characteristic.

    So, we show Biblical grace and love to all people at all times.

    "We believe the best, instead of assuming the worst."